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Monday, January 3, 2011

Top ERP Predictions for 2011 - Cloud hosting and Dynamics ERP start making serious waves!

I read with interest this article on the Top ERP Predictions for 2011 put across by industry experts.

Highlighting few of the key interesting points from the above link:

a. The first and most interesting part of the reading which made me excited is put up in the last para which talks about Microsoft Dynamics ERP coming out in full force in 2011.
Some interesting quotes out there:

"Today, every dollar of Dynamics generates from $3 to $9 in additional software sales for Microsoft. Now that's what I call a stack sale."

In addition, the Dynamics channel has a good handle on Microsoft's strategy for Azure, its cloud platform, according to Greenbaum.

"It's clear that the value-add of Azure has to be about driving innovation into the enterprise, and that's not something the average Office or Windows developer really gets. But Dynamics partners live and breath this concept every day," he wrote.

Dynamics itself will help Azure grow and innovate,

Greenbaum contends. "While SQL Server, Sharepoint, Communications Server, Windows Server, and other pieces of the stack will have a big play in Azure, the customer working in that innovative new Azure app will most likely be directly interfacing a piece of AX, or Dynamics CRM. That makes Dynamics essential to Azure, and vice versa."

b. In 2011, more and more customers would be demanding cloud-based ERP solutions. Many vendors already offer specialized forms of cloud hosting such as managed cloud hosting and hybrid cloud hosting. Because of demand, competition amongst vendors in the hosting space is expected to increase with some of them re-engineering their products from the ground up to take full advantage of cloud based computing

c. In 2011, the market will be flooded by social-themed ERP product tweaks, integrations and innovations, like somewhere I read already Dynamics CRM has built an accelerator to intergrate Twitter, I think very soon we will see integrations with Twitter, Facebook, Linked in etc. with Dynamics ERP suite.

d. Mobility which is one of my favorite topic seems to show some very interesting statistics as the number of downloaded mobile applications will leap from 10.9 billion this year to 76.9 billion in 2014, and revenue will experience a greater than 60 percent compound annual growth rate in the next several years, topping $35 billion in 2014. So I believe vendors or companies who provides mobile enablement of key ERP services will have a major share in the market.

Here is the Link to Reference article from PC World


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