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Friday, December 3, 2010

Troubleshooting - AOS Restart

In Dynamics AX 2009, I modified an existing table to add 2 new fields, as usual I did a db synch on that table so that the table definition is updated.

Came back to my program  which is a class which populates this table. Somehow, the values were not getting populated in these 2 new fields. Whatever, I tried but the program (my class) simply doesn't update my two new fields. Even, I went to the extent of hard coding these field values, but still it doesn't put any values in the table for those two new fields. Went into debugger mode and watched the tables populating the fields properly but after the insert statement still the values for those 2 new fields are not updated.

After struggling for 30 mins, finally gave up and did an AOS restart and there you go! the values now get updated


Jay Salt said...

you probably tried these already, but did you try a check synchronize as well as a compile forward? sometimes these can do the trick without taking the AOS down.

Luegisdorf said...

Hi Dilip

This can happen, if the table has cache settings and the AOS has already cached the record. It seems a cached record ignores new added fields until the AOS is been restarted.

Dilip said...

Thanks Guys for your feedback.

Jay, I did a check synchronize and the class didn't need compile forward as it didn't have any extensions, even i tried from job, but it didnt help.

Leugisdorf, I think you are right, sometimes AOS does cache the record and it ignores it, This might have been my case and I took my chances to restart AOS as it was an early morning and no developers around :)