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Friday, December 24, 2010

Dynamis AX Integration with QAS for Address Verification

QAS is a third party address verification service which gets the full address from a given postcode and street. You can find more details in their website
We had to do integration for Australian Post Codes and Street Addresses. So, we were given the web service by QAS which we needed to plug in to AX

Integration with Dynamics AX 
a. Consume the QAS Web Service by going through Tools > Development Tools > Application Integration Framework > Add Service Reference
b. Once the Service Reference is added, write a class to instantiate the proxy and pass the zip code and street name
c. Here is a sample code snippet which does the call to QAS and retreives the full address

We are calling this class from different forms like Customers, Sales Orders, CRM wherever we need to validate address with QAS


Abhinav said...

Hi Dilip,

We are looking to integrate QAS with Dynamics AX 2009 for our client in UK.

Your blog will be much help. Thanks.

Could you let me know if through web service call, we get the validated postcode and address details in real time how long it normally takes?

Also, what all parameters we have to pass, is the web service a global webservice which we can use?

Abhinav said...

Hi Dilip,

We require QAS integration with AX 2009 for our client in UK.

Your blog is a big help.

Could you let me know if the web service is globally available which we can use? Also, whether the postcode and details fetched from QAS in realtime or how long it takes normally? What parameters we pass as mandatory?

Thanks, your help is much appreciated.


Jimmy said...

Hi Dilip,

I'm having issue consuming QASPro Web OnDemand WSDL in AX2009.

Can you give me the WSDL that you used on this blog?

Jimmy said...

Hi Dilip,

Can you provide the WSDL that you used for this blog?

I'm having problem consuming the WSDL provided by QAS for QAS ProWeb OnDemand in AX2009.