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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dynamics AX Troubleshooting AOS Error Internal Error occured executing stored procedure when creating session for the AOS


One of our AOS suddenly stopped working and it won't restart any more. Learned that there was a database refresh the last night.

The error I found in event viewer was  Object Server 01: Internal Error occured executing stored procedure when creating session for the AOS (Screenshot below)



Skaue said...

Wouldn't it just be sufficent to grant the service account Execute permission on the two stored procedures that create client or server sessions? That is what I do. The AOS service doesn't need to have db_owner that way.

Vadim said...

Apparently making AOS account the database owner or sysadmin (god forbid) role member will solve the problem, but it is not required and not safe in some scenarios. The EXECUTE permission on stored procedures would be enough

Alex said...

This is wrong. The AOS user needs execute permissions on two stored procedures. Go to your DB, then Programmability>Stores Procedures, then on dbo.createserversessoins and dbo.createusersessions, right click, properties.
Click on permissions, click "Search" and find the AOS user, then check "Grant" on the execute option for each stored procedure. You can argue it doesn't hurt anything to make the AOS user a DB owner though...

Eric Barb said...

I went through this same issue last week. Glad to see I'm not the only one. Great blog. We are going live with AX on Jan 1 so I've been reading this quite a bit. Keep it up!

Dilip said...

Guys, Thanks for your comments. Sorry mistakenly in my previous post I wrote that the aos service account needs db_owner permissions on the database which is not correct. Since it was a training environment, I took the liberty to give the account full permissions to the database, It can be solved by giving execute permissions for the sp's provided in my link. Happy Daxing :-)