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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The sun is shining brighter for Dynamics AX Techies!! :)

Dear All,

Wish you a Happy Easter!

As I was tweeting this morning, I happened to stumble upon this news and thought to share it over here!

For Dynamics AX professionals and for the aspiring ones, it's going to be a brighter future. Suddenly, there's a good demand all over the globe for techies experienced in Dynamics ERP (Dynamics AX being the most sought after ERP).

Have a look at this news

Some of the takeaways from the above news are:

a. Full-time technical architects working on Dynamics stand to earn a 14% salary increase

b. Technical architects also pull down some of the largest salaries among Dynamics professionals, with salaries of $148,000 for those versed in Dynamics AX, $115,000 for NAV, $144,000 for CRM and $115,000 for GP, the survey says. 

Freelancers can earn up to $1,100 per day.

c. The average freelance wage increase over the next year is 12%, and that is so attractive that 39% of full-timers would leave their current jobs to freelance.

d. A larger percentage (48.1%) describe themselves as satisfied with their jobs and 8.5% describe themselves as very satisfied.

e. Nearly half (45%) of those looking to change jobs would consider moving to another country, with the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada and Germany scoring as the top choices.

f. Most jobs related to Dynamics offer laptops, bonuses, a mobile phone and health plans as standard perks. A significant chunk (20% to 50%) also offer life insurance, dental insurance, life insurance and free Internet access, and they give workers the option to work from home.

So, all looks exciting at the moment for people working on Dynamics AX :), Happy Daxing!!

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