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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quick Tip - Saving Macro enabled worksheet (Excel 2010)

Have been playing around with VBA coding these days (with Excel 2010) as we are building a Budget Template to capture Budgets for various projects and then consolidate it into one excel workbook so that it can be imported into AX.

VB and VBA has been one of my favorite languages since I started programming back in 2000. I still love to work in VB editor if i get a chance and one of my first project was building a Review Toolbar using VBA (Word Macros), Very interesting then :)

Now after 10 years, there has been quite some changes with the way macros are handled especially with Excel based macros. In Excel 2010, if you want to save a sheet/workbook then while saving you have to use the "Excel Macro Enabled Worksheet" rather than the default Excel option.

Below Link helped me To save macros

1 comment:

Antoinette said...

I was looking for a solution and came across your blog. We are implementing AX 2012 at as new customer. They have separate business units that sell different items to different customers.
I have created Operating Units, how can I now link items, customers, employees, etc to a specific Operating Unit?