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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Issue Installing Intelligent Data Management Framework


Update from the MS Folks - The correct link to download IDMF Installation and Admin Doc is

Sorry, I had a wrong install document which was bunded with Dynamics AX 2012 Upgrade Docs (in which the below AxSummationProject.xpo is mentioned. With the new installation doc, this step is no longer required.

Thought to share with you an issue which I'm facing while Installing IDMF (Intelligent Data Management Framework)

Last week I downloaded Intelligent Management Framework from the below link in CustomerSource

I followed the Installation manual which comes with the download. There's a section in it which mentions about "Manually Running the Post-installation tasks"

If you go to Step 7 in that Section, you will find instruction to import Summation Xpo.

But, the issue here is you won't be able to find the xpo's anywhere in the location mentioned above. I did a search for the xpo's in my entire hard drive with no luck. Later on, I tried to examine the msi contents by extracting the msi file which I posted here and to my surprise, the .msi package is the culprit as there's no AxSummationProject.xpo in the XPO folder.

Anybody else facing this issue while installing IDMF, please drop a line? I have reported this issue to Microsoft via "Give Feedback" link.

Meanwhile, I was lucky to have an old copy of IDMF setup which I downloaded last year :) and it has the AXSummationProject.xpo which is missing from the current one.

I will be soon write a blog post on how I went with the installation and setup of IDMF. Watch this space! 


Harry said...

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Master said...


What does the replica-database means in IDMF?

Is replica-database means a simple copy of latest production-database? (If so, do we have to manually copy the production database regularly as replica-database?)


A SQL Server Replication Database...? (If so, is it ok to configure production database with SQL-Replication Services)

Thanks in advance...

Zubair said...

Can you share the link from where i can get the .XPO to get it imported in AX 2009


Ambika Sowmyan said...

Hi While doing the post installation steps in IDMF , after the completion of metadata Synchronization i have encountered an error while importing summation XPO. \Classes\DMTVirtualSummaryTrans\updateVirtuelTransferClosing – The wrong number of arguments has been specified for the method. Anyone seen this before or any ideas what needs to be done.. This is on AX2012 BTW.