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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Troubleshooting Dynamics AX2012 RTM Demo Data

Recently, I had setup an AX2012 box with RTM build (downloaded from PartnerSource), and accidentally loaded the demo data of Contoso (Beta version) and I didn't knew what was happening. I was getting all these bunch of compile errors from the standard AX Classes.

After a while, checked the application and kernel version from Help > About in Dynamics AX2012 Rich Client and noted there was a difference. Installed a new DB and AOS and now the versions are identical (RTM). Waiting from Microsoft to hear the release of RTM Demo Data

As per this forum here, I think it will be mid-Sept when Microsoft will release demo data for RTM build

Below table just gives an idea of the build numbers for Dynamics AX2012: (Extracted from axaptapedia and by confirming the same through going through AX Thick Client Help > About)

Build number
Demo Data
2012 Beta
2012 RTM
2012 Cumulative Update 1 (CU1

Update - I did an import of Demo Data from AX 2012 Beta instance to RTM instance via the native Import/Export utility of AX and this works.


Matt Vail said...

Yeah, we took a stab at this last week also. By attaching the demo data we brought back the Beta codebase and it seems MS did a few changes in the kernel classes which results in constant errors.

The next step we tried was exporting the model store from an RTM install and importing it in our hybrid Beta/RTM install... which worked but then we ended up with data and synchronization issues. Going through each one of them and making a fix seemed like it was going to take a while and since I have little free time available we put this on hold :p

Dilip said...

Thanks Matt for your insights, Even I tried the hybrid method but not worth the effort of fixing the issues one by one, so better I will wait till MS comes up with RTM version of data

Skaue said...

Same issues here. Even though it would be good to get a decent demo data pack from MS, it would still be Contoso with EN-US settings. Right now, I'm considering building just some basic demodata perhaps based on a 2009 database. I wonder how many breaking changes they will serve when the first Service Pack is released. ;-)