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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dynamics AX 2009 Role Center Migration Issues

In our Project, we have around 40 approx. custom role center pages and we have to often do a deployment from DEV to other environments. In this process the web part pages come up, but the Quick Links don't turn up properly.


This is how the role center page looks in DEV

UAT (After Migration) – This is how it looks like after we migrate, The issues here are:

  1. My Reports Label Description coming as "Quick Links Web Part[1]"
  2. All the Links in My Reports not showing up after migration
  3. My Links Label Description coming as "Quick Links Web Part[2]"
  4. Desktop Links (hidden) ones not getting migrated properly to UAT
Migration Process: (These are the steps carried out to migrate the role center page from DEV)

  1. Export Page Definition and Web Menu Url for the specific Role Center Page from AOT > Web > Page Definitions
  2. Import Page Definition into UAT
  3. Deploy Page Definition from UAT
  4. Export Cues and Links by choosing the option Export to AOT
  5. Export the whole Cues and Link from AOT as xpo
  6. Import the Cues and Link from AOT
  7. IISReset in UAT

Please note that I'm using axupdateportalutility when we have to do a full migration but for partial migration like one or two role center pages we follow the above steps. Even when I do an axupdateportalutility for full migration, still we have these issues of missing links.

The current workaround for this is either to go manually and add the links in each environment or I usually write a sql script which updates the sysquicklinks table at the database level.
Does anyone else facing the same issue and how to resolve it in AX way? Any responses appreciated.



info said...

I had the same problem.
A functional consultant created a role center for certain roles and asked to migrate it to an other enviroment. Because the metadata like the items on the list aren't stored in ax but in the sharepoint database it wasn't possible to migrate it. I dont see any direct fix for this problem.

Youri said...

The items from the list are stored in the sharepoint database and not in AX. So I dont see any options to deploy them as you deploy the enterprise portal.

We had the same problem but also didn't found an AX solution for it.

Einar said...


I have found it best to simply do all migration manually since the axupdateportalutility fails very often to finish the job.

The axupdateportal seems to clear some .dll files from the GAC and then i have to restore those.

We have also seen an issue with the role centers where we need to migrate changes to one role but the changes are not installed. We have done the same steps as you suggest, but the only way for us to get the changes from a DEV system into TEST system was to manually recreate the Role Center pages in the TEST system