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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Integrating/Invoking Google Maps on Dynamics AX Customer Address Form

Last week, over the lunch time, I was chatting with some of my colleagues regarding Dynamics AX and Map Integration, Till then, I was not aware of the fact that in Dynamics AX 2009 Address form we already have a "Map" button which invokes the Bing maps as shown here

But, Bing was not able to provide us the proper location for some addresses which Google Maps could provide - Food for thought for the Bing devs/SDE's.

I was curious to see the Code Behind the "Map" button, which led me to the SmmUtility Class > mapIt method.

Then, next step was to find out how to invoke Google Maps by passing query string in the url, My best friend Google never lets me down :-) and I hit upon this wonderful site which shows how to pass different query string parameters in the url

From there on it was pretty straightforward, following code snippet helped me to show up the google maps

Thatz it! Pretty easy, rite? :-).


Anonymous said...

Thanks, never thought of that. I also did a "directions" button sending info from CompanyInfo. So that you could get directions to the address direct.

Islam Basics said...

Same as can you also guide how can we replace the bing map with google map in AX role centers?

Dilip said...

I have not done this but in my opinion you would need to customize the web part user control VS and write some .Net code to achieve the same