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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Contd...Scaling out AIF Services via Virtual IP Load Balancer

As promised, I'm back blogging and I will cover this post on the AIF Load Balancer Issue which I was able to sort just a couple of days before we went LIVE.

Couple of weeks back, I had posted the issue about AIF Load Balancer here -

Following are the sequence of steps carried out to make it work:

a.    Had to reinstall Business Connector on the AOS boxes

b.    The AX Client Configuration on all the 6 AOS Servers had to be modified

c.    IIS Authentication for Default Website and Microsoft Dynamics AX AIF Websites had to be Enabled.

d.    Registry on each of the boxes had to be verified to make sure it points to the correct AX Config

e.    Initially for testing the services on each of the box, added business connector setting manually to web.config for Dynamics AX AIF Web Services

f.    Dynamics AX AIF Shares on some of the boxes were not properly configured. Had to correct it

g.    Tested the services from each of the 6 AOS/AIF boxes

Once the services were up and running and tested successfully from each of the 6 AOS boxes, then the Load Balancer automatically worked without any issues. From the whole exercise, I can tell now that the Load Balancer initially was failing because out of the 6 AOS boxes, just one of them was working and 5 of them were having issues.

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