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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Question - How to Scale out AIF WebServices via Load Balancer

We have a load-balanced environment where we have 6 AOSServers in a clustered environment each hosting AIF Webservices on IIS.

The Load Balancer is basically a virtual IP which routes the requests to the 6 AOS Servers depending on the load. Now, when we try to consume the AIF Services hosted on the 6 boxes through the Load Balancer, the request doesn't go through, but when we try to consume the AIF Services directly from one of the 6 boxes, it works fine.

How do we make the request work through the load balancer? Anyone has any ideas or experienced this before, Please post your comments. Thanks.

P.S - Googled it, and this link at the end talks about the inherent limitation which AIF WebSercvice has as it has 1:1 relationship with the IIS website


Dick said...

why not place AIF webservice in a IIS cluster, IIS wil do the load balancing, next don't plase AX in a Cluster, but connect every IIS to his own AOS

Dilip said...

Thanks Dick for your inputs. In fact, we have 6 IIS clustered each having their own AIF Webservices pointing to their own AOS's. Then, we have this virtual IP which does the loadbalancing act for the IIS's. Now, when our Commerce Server client tries to connect to the AIF Webservices through this virtual IP, it fails.