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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dynamics 365 for Operations Technical Conference - Day 1 Keynote Session


Below some key points from the Tech Conference - Day 1. Around 110 sessions being delivered in the 3 days, so it's not possible to attend all the sessions. I'm summarising my notes:

Day 1 - Keynote Session by Sri Srinivasan, GM for Dynamics 365 for Operations at Microsoft

110 Sessions Being delivered in this Tech Conference (11 Tracks)

Dynamics 365 for Operation Advantages:
  • Purpose Built
  • Productive
  • Intelligent
  • Adaptable

Based on AX2012 R3 CU11

Challenges in ERP Deployments:

  • Change
  • Quality of Data
  • Training
  • Business process change

How Dynamics 365 for Operations Speeds up adoption among end users

Dynamics 365 for Operations Features:

  • Immersive experience
  • Continuous update
  • Effective change management, Data Governance, Complete solutions

Customer Stories:

  • Single instance based in US East
  • 7 Global distribution centres
  • 5000 Employees
  • 6 ISV Solutions
  • Entire project implementation in a span of 15 months
  • Intercompany processes
  • 15000 order lines via EDI
  • 550 users live
  • No terminal services, direct connection

  • Over 100 entities
  • Consolidation
  • Increased awareness of costs
  • Reduction in reporting cycle timeframes
  • Tracking invoices from receipt to payment
  • 6 months Development time

Dynamics 365 for Operations - Record time of implementation with one customer - 40 days

What's Coming

  • Intelligence Insights
  • Productive experiences
  • Continuous life
  • Business anytime, anywhere

Dynamics 365 RoadMap

Dynamics 365 One View App Demo built on top of Common data service

Spring 2017 Release
  • Hybrid / On-Premises
  • Around June 2017 timeframe,  local support to run in your own datacenter
  • Upgrade framework AX 2012 R3
  • Extensibility - How to keep customers current and using extensions
  • Extensions to configure and customize the applications
  • Power BI Content Pack  - drill through into details
  • In the spring release, 10 Power BI Dashboards to be released
  • Customer Ageing Report in mobile device
  • Expense Management Mobile Demo
  • Offline capability
  • Power BI Content Pack Credit collections
  • Preview version of AX 2009 Upgrade

Common Data Service  (A view into Product Insights)

  • Ability to customers having visibility to their product life cycle(Design , marketing, seel, manufacturing, distribute, service)
  • Brings the data together from disparate data sources - bring data into one common area
  • Product Graph - the name of the project for bringing common data services together
  • Product Explorer - can take data from different data sources like SAP, CRM, and put together and relate it
  • Product Explorer - Filter by Product Attributes
  • Preview in late spring 2017


  • Cloud, Cloud + Edge, Local Business Data
  • Microsoft recommends Cloud as the preferred medium of deployment
  • In June, local business data option would be available - disconnected from cloud, Run in your own data center, scenarios where internet connectivity is problem, data sovereignty issue, enterprises who are yet to buy into the concept of cloud.We will not have Power BI, Embedded analytics, machine learning capabilites, product graph, will not be available for on-premise local deployment option
  • Deployment for all 3 options is through LCS
  • The 3rd deployment option is hybrid - combine power of cloud + immense potential of data centers, Federated instances, each manufacturing instance can run , syncrhronizing data into cloud, no other erp provides this
  • Demo on cloud + edge
  • The synch happens in the background, Demo to create a sales order in edge and it comes into cloud (master) - Preview in Spring

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dynamics 365 for Operations Tip - Mobile workspaces option missing under System Administration


Recently, I provisioned a brand new Dynamics 365 for Operations Environment with Update 3 (November 2016 update) + patched it up with KB 3215650 - this is the KB which enables the mobile workspaces that are provided in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.


Unable to see the Mobile App Option under System Administration - System Parameters. Did some troubleshooting like restarting the AOS Service but with no luck


After some troubleshooting, I went to Visual Studio, opened up the object class SystemParameters_SCMMobileExtension which does the job of adding the mobile option. I explicitly did a build and synchronize for this object and then voila! :)

Dynamics 365 for Operations not supported on Firefox browser 51.0.1

Just found that Dynamics 365 for operations doesn't render on the latest Firefox browser.