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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The future of Dynamics AX and Roadmap - Dynamics AX 7 aka Dynamics AX 2015

Good day Friends!! Am back with an interesting post :)

Few days ago, I had tweeted about the roadmap for next release of AX mentioned in this blog

Out of interest, I downloaded the Statement of Direction (via Partnersource) which talks about the roadmap for AX in detail.

Some of the Highlights or takeaways from this document are as follows:
  • Natural User Interface (NUI) technologies like Touch-based computing based on HTML5
  • Windows 8
  • Metro UI - This is the future for AX Client. Brandon George has some interesting posts on this topic. See below links.

  • Visual Studio 2012/Lightswitch
  • Cloud Computing Support
  • Single centralized ERP Deployment - This is an interesting topic as previously when I was working with Microsoft, our COE Head had this vision of bringing all silo applications within the Dynamics AX Umbrella. Even in my current organization, our approach is to slowly migrate all our legacy apps running on Access, InfoPath etc. to Ax thereby lowering costs and saving time managing these apps.
  • Dynamics Rapid Start Cloud based Services
  • Dynamics InformationSource Cloud based Services
  • Next major release of Microsoft Dynamics AX to be available on Windows Azure platform
RoadMap (Dates)

Below is a chart about the tentative release dates

So, all looks exciting for Dynamics AX in the near future :)


Anonymous said...

When does AX 2015 beta be available?
Is there any new roadmap announced?

Anonymous said...

Hi - Would similar technology and UI be available for Microsoft Navision also or is Microsoft focusing solely on AX?

Dilip said...

I think Microsoft is focusing both on AX and Navision but my bet would be on AX as it's going to be Microsoft's flagship ERP product in the coming years.