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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Troubleshooting Dynamics AX incorrect cost posted on Partial Project Purchase Orders


We had an issue where Partial Purchase Orders (Project) was not posting proper cost amount to the Project accounts.


Microsoft has identified this behaviour as a bug -

Note, the hotfix was in form of dis<layer>.aod file. I extracted the .aod file and merged it on the local AX instance running on my laptop, identified the classes which is required for the above fix, Did a compare and imported only the code which fixes the issue.

Just a FYI on the classes which were impacted:




SSRS Format Date tips

Hi there!

Recently, I was working on a SSRS Report wherein I need to use the Format function of SSRS for date formatting.

e.g. Format(Parameters!Date.Value,"dd-MM-yyyy")

Note here, if you use "mm" (lowercase), then it won't produce the proper results, as it's case sensitive and we need to pass "MM" (uppercase)

I found the below link useful which describes more on Format function in SSRS - (A good read)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

World Vision Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX

Another feather in cap, for Microsoft Dynamics AX :).. Read more here...