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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dynamics AX Error executing code: Overflow in internal run stack


Got this run-time error during a full run of inventory settlement data - "Error executing Code: Overflow in internal run stack.

Troubleshooting Steps:

After some investigation, found out that this was being caused due to circular reference in one of the settlement transaction due to which the container fills up thereby resulting in run-time stack overflow.


Kurt said...

The PAS_* classes are unknown to me. Are they from a customization ?

M. Tassisto said...

You told us the cause, but not the solution.

Dilip said...

Sorry for the delayed response:

a. Kurt, PAS are custom classes used in our implementation which extends standard inventory settlement classes and its logic

b. Sorry, if I was not clear on the troubleshooting steps, the solution was to correct my code so that it doesn't go to a level where it does a circular reference of the transactions, i changed the logic so that it knows the end as it's iterating each branch.