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Monday, October 31, 2011

Visual Studio 2010 Error The Product key cannot be used to extend the use of this product

After a gap of few weeks, today when I fired up Visual Studio 2010 Professional on my lappie, it showed me a dialog box, to obtain a new license key to extend the trial version.

As usual, I tried obtaining a new license online and pasted this key in the activation window and hit Activate button, but no luck, it keeps on throwing this error:

"The product key cannot be used to extend the use of this product"

Searched on the internet and came to this msdn forum which eventually took me to this link, which proved very useful to troubleshoot the above error.

Tip:  You can directly use the master key mentioned in the above link, it starts with YCFHQ..., just google it and you are good to go ;-)


Unknown said...

;) Good one Thanks man..

Kamanga Brian Dexter said...


You are a genius!! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks it helped

Anonymous said...

thanks it helped !!

Anonymous said...

this has helped me so much x

Anonymous said...

Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Key. YCFHQ9DWCYDKV88T2TMHG7BHP.

If you get any error forget it, don't worry about that error.It activate your VS 2010 Ultimate

J Dillard said...

I use Ultimate 2012 so everything works properly and non of the lags or things like that appeared. How do you think, will it be a problem but a bit later? Or 2012 version is fine?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot.. It is working.. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the person who have provided the key directly in the comment...!