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Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to Install and Configure Sharepoint Server 2010 on Win 7

I thought I will blog about my recent experience on configuring Sharepoint 2010.

So, here it goes..

a. Downloaded Sharepoint Server 2010 from Technet. If you are a Technet subscriber, you can download it from here

b. This was the first issue I encountered when running the installation setup

After some search on www, I found that it's mandatory to have Windows Server 2008 for Sharepoint Server running on Production, but there's a way to install it on a Developer OS which runs on Win 7.

c. I went through this msdn link which showed me the initial steps for installing the Pre-Requisites for Win 7 before running the Sharepoint Server 2010 Setup. I installed the manual pre-requisites mentioned in the link (Point 7 to 9 in Step2: Install the Prerequisites for SharePoint 2010 ). After completing the pre-requisites setup, I tried running the Sharepoint Setup and again encountered the same Operating System error shown above.

d. Luckily, this post from Sandrino -
came to my rescue. Thanks Sandrino for the wonderful post.

e. I followed the steps in Sandrino's post except the install Process explorer as the installer had unpacked the setup files in the same location which is mentioned in Sandrino's post.

f. I ran into one more minor issue as I was unable to edit the config file as it was giving me Access Denied Error, Then I had to go to the parent folder MSECache and right-click Security > Permissions and give my logged-in account full permissions on the folder.

g.  Now, I was able to run the Sharepoint setup program and it got installed successfully. A sigh of relief, which didnt last long though ! :-)

h. Now, I went back to the msdn link and installed the SQL Hotfix before running the Sharepoint Configuration Wizard. (See Point 5 in Step 3: Install Sharepoint 2010)

i. You need to request for the SQL Server 2008 hotfix link and an email would be sent to you with the hotfix link and password.

j. Once the hotfix got installed, I ran the Sharepoint 2010 Configuration Wizard, but stumbled upon this error

Seeing the error description, i figured out it was becoz I was not connected to my office network as it was a domain validation exception. I bought my laptop back to my office network and again ran the Sharepoint 2010 Configuration Wizard and this time it created the database and Central Administration successfully. :-), Wow! What a relief :-)

This was my brief journey on installing and configuring Sharepoint 2010. Next, watch out this space to see how Dynamics AX integrates with Sharepoint 2010



Frenchy75008 said...


No problem with the WSS 2010 install. Sharepoint services are replaced by Sharepoint foundation, but when I try to install the AX enterprise portal, he requires Sharepoint Services 3.0 (wich I can't manage to install with WSS 2010...).

So if you find a way to get the EP working with WSS 2010, let me know !

Thx !



Dilip said...


As per best of my knowledge, Dynamics AX 2009 at the moment does not support Sharepoint Foundation/Server 2010, but at future date, it might incorporate the support in form of a service pack drop

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