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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Exploring Bindata API in X++

Recently, I had a requirerement in one of my project to save some html data in a file. I have previously worked with Ascii and other File related Classes.

This time, as I was exploring within the AX metadata, I found this class called Bindata. It's sort of easy and very fast when it comes to save some data to a file using BinData. Here's a job which shows Bindata Class in action.

The job simply builds a html string and saves it to file using Bindata class.


Santosh Ramamurthy said...

Hi Dilip,

You can also look at my blog regarding usage of BinData!264A0056CBCBB1D3!380.entry

paruvella santosh said...

Hi Dilip,

This is Santosh Kumar Paruvella,

For further usage of BinData concept and Metadata concepts in Dynamics Ax can find at the following article.!F2EC589E221A4DB0!275.entry

Santosh Kumar Paruvella.