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Friday, August 28, 2009

Aurigo bags 3 new Dynamics AX Implementations

Read more here about Aurigo who has this product known as BRIX 2009 (which is for construction vertical) and they have already done 10 deployments and just recently bagged 3 new projects.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pros and Cons of Dynamics AX on the Cloud

Here, is a very good post from Jeff and Brandon about Dynamics AX on the Cloud. It's an interesting read on what are some of the obstacles in moving mission critical ERP apps to cloud.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Create OLAP cubes on the fly from any standard AX report

X++ Web UI Framework in Enterprise Portal will be Discontinued

The X++ based Web UI Framework in Enterprise Portal will be Discontinued in Future Releases of Microsoft Dynamics AX

Effective with general availability of the next version of Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft will discontinue the X++ based Web User Interface in Enterprise Portal. The current release, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, is the last that will include the X++ based Web User Interface. In future versions, only the Enterprise Portal ASP.NET Web User Interface Framework will be included.

The Enterprise Portal X++ Web User Interface Framework is a development and runtime component of Enterprise Portal for building and rendering the Web user interface.

The Enterprise Portal X++ Web User Interface Framework first shipped with Navision-Damgaard Axapta 2.5. It includes a set of nodes in the AOT, such as Web Forms, Web Reports, and Weblets, for defining the Web user interface components. It also includes a set of X++ kernel classes for reading and generating HTML from these elements and renders them as Web pages. In addition, it includes a set of Microsoft Dynamics AX Web Parts (Web Forms Web Part, Web Reports Web Part, Web Menu Web Part, and the Generic Web Part) and a set of out-of-the box application pages in Enterprise Portal that use these Web Parts.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, a new Web User Interface Framework based on ASP.NET, with managed APIs, Visual Studio-based development tools, and out-of-the-box application pages in Enterprise Portal built with this new Web User Interface Framework. For backward compatibility, the X++ Web User Interface Framework shipped along with the new ASP.NET Web User Interface Framework in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Since Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 contains no dependencies on the Enterprise Portal X++ Web User Interface Framework, and future investment is focused on technologies built on the ASP.NET Framework-based Web User Interface, the Enterprise Portal X++ Web User Interface Framework will not ship in future Microsoft Dynamics AX releases.

Take Action

Customers, partners and ISVs using solutions based on the Enterprise Portal X++ Web User Interface Framework should plan to migrate those solutions to the Enterprise Portal ASP.NET Web User Interface Framework. For documentation about creating user controls with the Enterprise Portal ASP.NET Web User Interface Framework, go to

To learn more about the Microsoft Business Solutions Support Lifecycle, go to You can also call Microsoft Business Solutions at 1-888-477-7877 with additional questions.

My thoughts:

1. This is a good move as developers with C# and VB.Net can be more productive in designing the web objects for AX. They need not depend on X++ Application Developers

2. Developing and Deploying web-based portals/webparts will be much more easier and rapid and also one can start using the new Web 3.0 framework as well as the power of Silverlight, AJAX etc.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tip: Restoring SQL database which is on the network

Recently, I came across this issue when I had to restore a AX Database backup. Initially, I did copy the database which was of 25 gb size to the server where I wanted to restore, but I ran out of space. So the only option left me with was to do a restore via the network.


There's an option wherein you can just type in the network path of the backup file, if your account has enough permissions on the SQL Server service which is running. Check the screenshot below

This will do the trick. Also, if you are interested in SQL Scripts, this can be done very much the scripting way too! Happy SQL'ing :-)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Error HTTP Status 405: Method not allowed when Configuring VSTF


Recently, while configuring VSTF Version Control Parameters with Dynamics AX 2009, it throwed this error: "The request failed with HTTP Status 405: Method not allowed."
I was able to browse VSTF folder through IE.

This was happening because In version control parameters in AX, I was using port 8090 (Becoz the same port we use when we navigate VSTF Server through IE), When I changed this port to 8080, it started working successfully. This is the port which is used by Team Explorer too.

Run Client Batches in Dynamics AX 2009

A good tip on How to run client batches in Dynamics AX 2009. A good post!

Some Misc Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Videos

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Register free for Dynamics AX Virtual Conference on Oct' 14 2009

Register free for vitual dynamics ax conference

About the Event
AX Decisions 2009 is a virtual conference & tradeshow for Microsoft Dynamics AX Professionals seeking implementation strategies, thought leadership, and best practices for maximizing the value and effectiveness of their organization's AX platform and initiatives.

Attend AX Decisions 2009 from the convenience of your desktop to:

Get up to speed on the latest trends, technologies and strategies for Dynamics AX

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Explore which AX tools will bring you the most success

Learn how to navigate your way through a successful AX upgrade

Drive greater efficiency and productivity from your dynamics system during tough times

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Error Section overlapped PageFooter Section


I got this error when working on a custom salesinvoice report, "Section overlapped pageFooter section (maybe because the section is too high)". This was coming only for reports which were having high number of invoice lines in our case more than 12.


After some investigation, it was resolved by adjusting the height of the first footer section and the last body section (which was just above the first footer).

MCT on Dynamics AX

I have recently attained MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) for Dynamics AX.