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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trade & Logistics

Some T & L notes :

  • The Purchase order form opens, by default in the Simple view and shows the last purchase order created.
  • Unit - The purchase unit is the unit of measure that the item is purchased. There is a close relationship between the purchase unit and the inventory unit. For example, the item may be purchased in kilos and stocked in grams.
  • One-time supplier - For use of a supplier that is not already in the Vendors form.
  • Invoice account - Invoice account is used if the account number of the vendor you send the invoice to and pay differs from the vendor with whom you place the purchase order.
  • RMA number - The dialog box displays the Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA number) when Return Item is selected in the Purchase type field. This number is provided by your supplier and is used for tracking a return item. The field is mandatory when the purchase type is Returned item.
  • In this field group, specify the language setting for the purchase order. This affects the language that is used for item names and for printing external purchase order documents.
  • EXAMPLE: Select an item and click Setup - Language - Item
    description. Select a language and enter the translation text. Create a new
    purchase order and in the Language field group select the language for which
    you created a translated text. Print, for example, a receipts list and the
    item's name is printed out using the foreign language text.

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