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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Early birds - Check this out Microsoft Dynamics AX "6" Go-Live TAP

The Microsoft Dynamics AX team is happy to announce the Technology Adoption Program (TAP) for the next version of the Microsoft Dynamics AX product.
What is the Dynamics® AX Go-Live TAP?The purpose of the Microsoft Dynamics AX TAP is to build software that addresses the needs of its end users. This program is about building relationships with partners and customers and capturing feedback to improve the final product. To participate in the Go-live TAP you must be either an existing customer that is interested in implementing the most recent version or a new Dynamics AX. In either case, you must be willing and able to align with the project roadmap for TAP and go live into production on a pre-release version of AX.Benefits of Participating The Dynamics AX team will select a limited number of participants (customers, along with associated partner and any relevant ISVs) and invest considerable effort in assisting them to succeed in deployments using the improvements for the next version of the product. For customers, this means that you’ll have direct support from MS to ensure you have a successful implementation. Additional benefits are:
Early access to code drops and documentation
An opportunity to provide feedback and influence the product
A Program Manager assigned to your engagement. They will…
Address Q&A and escalation of deployment issues.
Provide an MS ‘buddy team’, which includes g development, test, usability, support and documentation specialists.
Access to MS Connect site for bug tracking, download and support
Numerous opportunities to learn about new features, to include…
Invitation to Training Events
Ad hoc meetings with experts
Training documentation
A closer relationship with Microsoft thru direct exposure to and support from the AX product group and extended team
Marketing exposure in various launch programs and case studies
For Partners, being involved in TAP is a great competitive advantage as you’ll have an early opportunity to build your organizations knowledge and skill sets for the next release of the product. Expectations for ParticipationBy participating in this program, your company agrees to:
Complete Legal Contracts
If chosen to participate in TAP, there are a number of legal agreements that need to be reviewed signed, to include Non-disclosure, TAP Framework, AX TAP Program Plan, End-user License Agreements
Commit Resources and Time
Engage and fund a qualified partner to perform the implementation of Dynamics AX
Assign a Project Manager and preferably a Test Lead to your testing efforts
Commit to the TAP project timeline outlined below to validate the next version of Dynamics AX
Download and install the pre-release versions
Participate in scheduled conference calls as needed, and provide deployment feedback
Deploy pre-release version of AX ’6’ in production prior to RTM
We expect each partner/customer team to track towards a full production deployment of the final pre-release drop of AX ’6’ prior to RTM (~ June of 2010). This is a hard requirement throughout the program and we will demote engagements out of program that are not on schedule to do so.
Upgrade to RTM version within 6 months of your pre-RTM go live. (We will provide a fully supported data upgrade path)
Dynamics AX ‘6’ Go-Live TAP TimelineProject Kick-off: ~ April of ‘09
Milestone 1 Reviews ~ April - June of ‘09
Project Plan Review
Baseline Scope
Limited code drop
Milestone 2 Reviews ~ Sept - Nov of ‘09
M2 code drop, testing, validation, feedback, Classification
Training Event (est. 1 week in Redmond WA, 1 week in Copenhagen, DK)
Review presentation by Engagement team
Milestone 3 Reviews ~ Jan - Mar of ‘10
M3 code drop + additional drops, testing, validation, feedback
Webcasts, Focus Groups
Scope and Risk Assessment
Final Review presentation by Engagement team
Target Go Live ~ April – May ‘10
Download supported Go Live drop
Final testing, bug review
Go Live!

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