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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DAX 2009 on Channel 9


Josh said...

Thanks for the video post. Since you didn't provide any information on the video, I thought I would provide our take of it.

Finally, developers will be able to do portal development in Visual Studio 2008. Not only will they be able to use currently best development environment, but they will be able to use standard programming platforms like ASP.NET.

Dynamics AX 2009 will enable developers to create ASP.NET controls and to incorporate them to the Enterprise Portal site. In this way, the Enterprise Portal (which in the past was used only for basic functionalities) will giant new power. Enterprise Portal development will become much easier - and above that - it will expose new functionalities to users. Developers now can use a set of standard .NET controls in ASP.NET development, and above that developers are able to use AJAX.

Enterprise Portal contains SharePoint Web Part, which is able to load ASP.NET controls created with the Dynamics AX template called Dynamics AX User Control. This control is able to host standard .NET controls, and above that, controls developed for Dynamics AX (like AXDataSource and AXGridView). This enables users to fully explore Dynamics AX metadata and to automatically format column using this metadata (for example "field groups").

Dilip said...

Thanks buddy, Actually I was in a hurry so didn't describe it fully. Thanks for the good work.