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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

About SysListPanelRelationTable Class in Dynamics AX

Hi there!

Recently for one of my clients, I built a custom SSRS Security Maintenance form for their Financial Reporting.

The requirement was to built a custom security form wherein the users were mapped to Financial Dimensions (also known as Programs in our client's terminology)  and the security should flow into SSRS Reporting so that the programs are automatically filtered based on the user's login.

Ok, so the main point I want to highlight here is when I was developing this form, I leveraged the class SysListPanelRelationTable in AX. You can have a look in AOT/Forms/Tutorial_ListPanel to see how the class is implemented. The other example of this class implementation is Standard AX User/User Groups form in Administration menu.

So, in my implementation I used the same class, however the tables I used were different i.e my own custom table and standard Dimension Table, The key here to understand is the table and field relationships while passing them as parameters to the newForm constructor

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