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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fixed!! - Relation between Project Purchase Order Posting and Category Cost Accounts?

Hello my friends!

Sorry, it's been a while since I posted, as I have been away from AX and have been working on  Sharepoint, Reporting and BI. I have a few interesting posts on that coming soon.

Back to AX, I'm doing functional setup for AX Projects as our company is implementing Project Accounting module. I'm not so brilliant from a functional side and I have been stuck on this below issue...


We are planning to use Projects Module in Dynamics AX and we have setup Projects, sub-projects, category groups, categories and so forth..

We are going to use Investment type project for our purpose. For that we would be using Project Items and these would be set as Service Items in Inventory module and PO would be raised against them. So, technically these are project purchase orders which relates to a project and category and now when we invoice these PO's the transactions should be reflected against the item and project.

At the PO level ,everything looks fine and we can see the financial transactions generated for the posting accounts setup at inventory level. But when it comes to the associated project with the PO, we are not able to see the financial transactions generated for the category accounts. For e.g. we have a Category group called "Inventory" and we have Posting accounts setup at Cost, WIP-Cost Value and Cost-Item value, so when we post a PO we expect these costs accounts reflect the financial transactions,

I'm not sure how the relation between Project Accounting and PO Posting works. Are we missing any setups here? Hope I made my problem clear. Let me know if you need further information. Any help in the right direction appreciated.

Thanks a ton John!!!! Below is the solution to my issue.


I've noticed that this will occur if Post Financial Inventory is turned off on the Inventory Model Group of the item. If you have it turned on, it should go into the Purchase, Receipt account, out of the Inventory Issue account and hit the appropriate account determined by the selected Project Category. If not, it will just hit the Purchase, Consumption account. Hopefully this will help.

Hey John,

Mate, if you are reading this and you out here somewhere in Melbourne, lets catch up ..I owe you a beer mate you have made my life so easier :)..

Thanks to the power of social media and blogging, I got the answer within an hour I posted this issue on my blog. Just can't believe it!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Troubleshooting Error: No License code available for language EN-US. Please use a licensed language

Hi there, I was setting up an AX Instance from an existing  database backup and I hit this below error.

Error: No License code available for language EN-US. Please use a licensed language

Event Viewer Error: The Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Object Server is running on an operating system that is not supported. The supported operating system is Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1.


The language for the startup user needs to be setup as per the installation

update dbo.USERINFO set LANGUAGE = 'EN-AU', HELPLANGUAGE = 'EN-AU' where ID = 'Admin'