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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Troubleshooting Dynamics AX 2012 Services - Error Reading Value of Type Date from XML

Troubleshooting Consuming Dynamics AX 2012 Services from .Net

Error Reading Value of Type Date from XML

Solution: Once I passed salesTable.ReceiptDateRequested from VS.Net to the service, then this error went away


markjacktechnicalsupport said...

Thank you so much for pointing us in the right direction. Very much appreciated.
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Anonymous said...

This problem occurs when using AX 2009 Webservice sample code and use it in AX 2012 it seems. At any rate you have given away the secret Dilip, thanks for that. However, it's hard to find this page so I added the following error message to make it a bit easier to find.
Line=1, Pos=179, Xpath=/SalesOrder/SalesTable[1]
Error reading value of type Date from XML.
AIF AX 2012 Salesorder Inbound port
Bijan G. AKA KK

Sumit Bhagat said...

Hi Dilip,
How can I Pass this...

Pavan Gollapudi said...

Please help to solve problem as i am trying to create sales order through document service same error is coming

Anonymous said...

Thank's Bro.

It save me a munch, since I am testing with AX 2012 it was ok, but not in 2012 R2.