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Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Blog Translator powered by Google Translator

Dear Blog Readers,

I have enabled Google translation service onto my blog so that it enables you to read my blog in your native language.

Update - I have changed the translator theme from the flag to the default Google Translator widget which gives me more language option and doesn't occupy more space. It's located on the right hand side corner of the web page.


Anonymous said...

that does not work very well - the original text is better understandable than the translated versions...

mazza said...


Dave said...

Dilip, loading your blog up in IE 8 today gave me a "Threat: Mal/ObfJS-B" malware message. We use Sophos. Loading it up in Firefox worked just fine. Just an FYI take it for what it's worth.

Thanks for all your blogging.


Dilip said...

Thanks Guys for your comments,
Dave, I checked in IE 9 and Chrome, but didn't get the malware message which you mentioned. Anyways, I have removed the flag version and updated the default Google translator widget. Hope it helps.