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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[Contd] Microsoft Dynamics AX: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Future Direction

This is a three part series post on technology evaluation which talks about

a. Why Microsoft Dynamics AX has been selected as the ace in the Dynamics ERP lineup?

b.  Part 2 talks about the 8 previous generations of Dynamics AX

c. The latest offerings from Dynamics AX in technology and functionality space

  • Simplicity improvements to the user interface (UI) and functional enhancements focused on specific industries such as retail, media, and entertainment, and public sector 
  • Software plus services will be another major theme, whereby multi-channel commerce and payment services and Microsoft’s Azure Services Platform-based Web storefront (sites) capabilities will be enabled in the cloud
  • Microsoft provides customers with options to enable Operations 2.0 with Microsoft Dynamics AX as the core solution for process standardization, and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for process innovation and entrepreneurship. The customer can choose to deploy Dynamics AX in a two-tier ERP model as a modern ‘Operational ERP’ fully integrated with its legacy headquarters (HQ) “Administrative ERP” solution, or even go a step further and replace its legacy “Administrative ERP” at HQ with Dynamics AX.
  • Best Features of Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Limitations of Dynamics AX
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