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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Decisions 2010 - Dynamics AX Session on Nov 1

Register @

Here you can find the different sessions covered Technical as well as Functional Areas in Dynamics AX by some of the key ppl in Dynamics AX World

In brief, these are some of the following areas which will be covered

Performance Monitoring
Paperless ERP
Batch Process Deep Dive
Agile Software Development using AX
Process Manufacturing
Risk Management

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dynamics AX 2009 EP Error Could not load Enterprise Portal tools

My Visual Studio EP Projects were working fine and one fine day all of sudden when I'm trying to open my EP Project, it throws back an error saying " No .Net Business Connector Session found, Install Enterprise Portal tools".
I checked my installation for Enterprise Portal tools by running the setup program and they were all there. I copied the Visual Studio Project and web templates from another user's profile thinking my profile would have been corrupted but still with the same issue. Went through the event viewer and saw these entries

Checked the .Net business connector configuration and it was fine. After some troubleshooting, deleted the registry key for .Net Business Connector and reimported it again from the AX Config and this worked! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[Contd] Microsoft Dynamics AX: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Future Direction

This is a three part series post on technology evaluation which talks about

a. Why Microsoft Dynamics AX has been selected as the ace in the Dynamics ERP lineup?

b.  Part 2 talks about the 8 previous generations of Dynamics AX

c. The latest offerings from Dynamics AX in technology and functionality space

  • Simplicity improvements to the user interface (UI) and functional enhancements focused on specific industries such as retail, media, and entertainment, and public sector 
  • Software plus services will be another major theme, whereby multi-channel commerce and payment services and Microsoft’s Azure Services Platform-based Web storefront (sites) capabilities will be enabled in the cloud
  • Microsoft provides customers with options to enable Operations 2.0 with Microsoft Dynamics AX as the core solution for process standardization, and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for process innovation and entrepreneurship. The customer can choose to deploy Dynamics AX in a two-tier ERP model as a modern ‘Operational ERP’ fully integrated with its legacy headquarters (HQ) “Administrative ERP” solution, or even go a step further and replace its legacy “Administrative ERP” at HQ with Dynamics AX.
  • Best Features of Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Limitations of Dynamics AX
Click here to read more from Part 1 to Part 3


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dynamics AX for Retail - You Tube Video link

A video on Retail for AX from Griffiths

Microsoft Dynamics AX: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Future Direction

Just got this link in my email, Thought I would share it here. Will do a further analysis of the report soon,

Error - Your Microsoft Dynamics Session is no longer valid. Log off your computer and log on again

Suddenly, we are getting this communication error whenever we try from our client to connect to our DEV AOS box with , which says the below, The only change which we did to our environment recent days were changing the database server from one box to another:

We tried the following options but nothing works:

a. Deleted axapd.aoi file and Restarted AOS on DEV box
b. On the Client, tried clearing the .auc files (Axapta object cache files) from the local user profile, but that too doesn't work
c. Checked if the stored procedures CREATESERVERSESSIONS and CREATEUSERSESSIONS existed in the database and if the service account running AOS Service has enough permissions to execute the sp's
d. Apart from this error, in the event viewer, we were getting bunch of RPC Errors which says "Object Server 01: RPC Error: RPC Exception 1702 occured in sesssion 6", We are on Dynamics AX 2009 SP1 and the latest rollup (Rollup 5), so it should have the RPC Hotfix installed
e. Thought that the stored procedures CREATEUSERSESSIONS were cached on the db server so used the flush commands to clear the cache, still no luck
f. Installed a new AOS on the box, same issue, we have 3 AOS's on that box and we get the same error when any client connect to the 3 AOS's.
g. Ran SQL Server Profiler, checked SQL Management Log but couldn't detect anything
h. Cleared SYSSYSTEMSEQUENCES table, this table is used by AX when it startups, cleared the sessions from SYSCLIENTSESSIONS table but still no luck


Installed AOS on a different box , left the application files and database as it is, and this works. We have raised a ticket with Microsoft and they are working on this. Would be interested to see what they can come up with.

Will keep this post updated if we come across some breakthrough for the original issue

Sunday, October 3, 2010

AIF read Error executing code: Insufficient memory to run script

Built a custom AIF Service and which was getting invoked from a Commerce Server .Net web service and whenever the read operation on the service was invoked, it goes to non responding state for more than 2 minutes and then gets into the exception block throwing the below error "Insufficient memory to run the script"

Thanks to the EMEA blog which pointed to the right direction

Initially, I added the maxbuffersize to the AOS registry setting but that didn't help, then adding the maxbuffersize to the .Net BC configuration in the registry did the trick and this error got resolved