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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Register for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2011 Technical Conference

This is a 3-day event about the upcoming release of Dynamics AX 2011 held @ Redmond, USA.  Some of the highlights of this event are:

  • · Developers building and implementing solutions on Microsoft Dynamics AX. Understand how you can be more productive and provide innovative vertical solutions. Understand the philosophy behind the model-driven design and the service-based architecture built on the foundation provided by the Microsoft .NET Framework.

  • · Technical Implementation Consultants can learn about the simplification of the deployment architecture, and integration with the Microsoft platform components like Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, and Microsoft Office 2010.

  • · Get hands-on experience with the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • · Talk directly to the team building the product.

  • · Network and learn from other partners and customers to plan your upgrade.

  • · Get a pre-release version to continue your learning and development when you get back to the office.

More info, can be found on this link


Happy DAX'ing 






Dynamics AX 2009 Enterprise Portal Web Form Converter to Web User Controls

Thought I would share with you this useful link which I accidentally bumped into while doing some search on EP. This is useful if you have want to convert Dynamics AX 4.0 Web Forms to the latest Dynamics AX 2009 Web User Controls.

The SysEPWebFomConverter class contains several methods that are used when you convert a Web form from an earlier version of Enterprise Portal to the components used with the ASP.NET-based framework. To use this class, save the text of the export file as an .xpo file. Import the .xpo file into the AOT. For details about how to use the methods in the class to convert Web Forms

How do Convert
Read here, more about the conversion

And at the end you can verify if the conversion succeeded by

Troubleshooting AX 2009 Enterprise Portal Error The type or namespace name "Portal" does not exist in namespace 'Microsoft.Dynamics'

These days, I'm working on developing some new Enterprise Portal pages for creating Inventory Journals and Posting it through EP.

From last couple of weeks, my enterprise portal site on my local virtual image was working fine but suddenly last week it stopped working, I don't know for what reason but it started giving me weird errors like "The type or namespace name 'Portal' does not exist in the namespace 'Microsoft.Dynamics' (are you missing an assembly reference?) " on some of my custom developed pages.

Resolution: This thread on the communities forum helped me as I had to Generate the proxies again and build the pages again.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dynamics AX 2009 Home Page Icon Missing and Role Center not loads up

Some days back, we had this issue where suddenly the Home Page icon vanished from our DEV environment and the role center page won't load up in Dynamics AX thick client.


1. Googled the issue and thanks to Brandon my friend who experienced similar problem and highlighted it in his blog

2. But unfortunately, the above troubleshooting step didn't apply in my case, as the upgrade checklist was up to date, but it definitely helped me as it gave me a clue to check out the EPGlobalParameters Table

3. Opened the ECPGlobalParameters table in AOT and found that the GUID for the URL was pointing wrongly to some another EP site.

4. Updated the GUID to point it to the correct EP Website and that did the trick!

Troubleshooting Dynamics AX 2009 AIF, WCF, IIS on Windows Server 2008 R2

Issue: We installed AIF on Windows Server 2008 R2 running 64 bit, but was unable to browse the website as it was throwing HTTP – 403 Error and the application pool was getting stopped by itself.

Checked the application pool service account and tried restarting the application pool. Restarted IIS but still the application pool stops when we browse the website.

Also, IIS was unable to recognise the .svc extension.

Troubleshooting Steps:

a. Firstly, .svc extension was not getting recognized by IIS, So had to run the servicemodelreg utility which registers WCF (.svc mime type and related handlers into IIS)

b. Then, the next error which I got was aspnetcompatibility, which got resolved by turning off the aspnetcompatibility flag in web.config

c. Then, encountered this error, and it got resolved by giving permission for the business connector account to read/write to %windir%/temp folder

d. Finally, in order to access the webservice from a different machine, had to go turn on the anonymous access at DynamicsAXAIF website.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Free Dynamics AX Training Website

To All Daxians,

"Dynamics AX training site includes simple tutorials that will help you understand basic Trade and Logistics business processes and their realization in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. It is useful for both the beginners and the advanced Microsoft Dynamics AX users."

Visit, its free!

Happy Dax'ing

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hotfix rollup 5 (982811) is available for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 SP1

Yesterday, as I was searching the KB in PartnerSource for some solution, accidentally I bumped on this link in KB,
that the latest rollup for Dynamics AX 2009 SP1 is released, The release date was on 4th July, 2010, but MS has not published this in the PartnerSource > Solutions > Dynamics AX Page. That's strange though!

Anyways, one can view the fixes available and request for download of these fixes from the link below (Please note that it requires PartnerSource Login)

The rollup 5 has one of the fix which we desperately needed to fix one of the issues which we are constantly facing on our DEV AOS box and which I had posted in one of my previous blog

Troubleshooting AIF Fault Errors X++ Exception has occured

Overview  For our project, we were developing bunch of AIF Web Services to be consumed by external applications such as Commerce Server and Custom ASP.Net web apps.

Issue We initially tried to generate some of the standard out of the box web services for creating customer, vendor etc. The generation was successful but when consuming these web services through a Test harness .Net Windows App, We encountered the following two errors in Event Viewer

Event Log 1

Microsoft Dynamics AX Business Connector Session 9.
An X++ exception has occurred.

Request Failed. See the Exception Log for details.
Event Log 2: 

The description for Event ID 0 from source Dynamics Application Integration Server cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

The following information was included with the event:
An error occurred while Web service request and action were being processed. Error details:

Request Failed. See the Exception Log for details.


Message: Stack trace: at Microsoft.Dynamics.BusinessConnectorNet.Axapta.CallStaticClassMethod(String className, String methodName, Object[] paramList)

Request Failed. See the Exception Log for details.

at Microsoft.Dynamics.IntegrationFramework.Service.WcfAxAdapter.SubmitMessageToAx()

The specified resource type cannot be found in the image file

There was no track of any X++ exception messages in the Basic > Periodic > Application Integration Framework > Exceptions Form.

After some time of troubleshooting, got to know that the .Net Business Connector Configuration was missing on the AOS Server where AIF was installed. Creating a .Net Business Connector Configuration by going to Control Panel > Administration Tools > Client Configuration Utility resolved the issue.

You can find some related information about AIF in my previous post