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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dont miss this! Free Webinar on Developing Mobile applications with Visual Studio .Net and Dynamics AX

Thanks to Lars Jankowski, Director of for hosting a free webinar on development of mobile applications for Dynamics ERP. Dont miss this one if you are a Dynamics AX Mobile Developer fan! :-)

Webinar "ERP2mobile Hands-on using SDK delivered with source code" Thursday 3 June 13:00 – 14:30 CET. Sign up at:

In this tech webinar we show how to develop mobile business applications for Dynamics using ERP2mobile inside Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

Experience how easy it is to develop high performing applications for Windows Mobile devices.

Learn how to:

- Quickly configure an application only using XML.

- Customize a basic application (SDK) for a customer.

- Add your own services and activities.

Get access to coding examples and SDKs with source code, latest downloads, tutorials, developer forums etc.

Sign up for the webinar at or

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Big Thank You!!

Dear All,

Today, I got this email in my inbox from one of my Linked In Friends, Vinay (Thanks to Vinay for bringing to my notice), as from last couple of months, I was not following  I was totally caught by surprise seeing the mail that my name was in the "Microsoft Dynamics Most Influential Top 100" List. It's a great honour to be in this list with some of the big names in Dynamics ERP. I'm glad to know that my blog and my participation in community discussions, forums have helped many people out there, who have voted me in top 100 list. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people whom I have worked with and also my other fellow bloggers who kept me inspiring to keep posting,

A special thanks to Brandon George (, who himself has a great blog and I have been a fan of him, has always inspired me and pushed me to keep on posting. (when I was lagging behind on my posts in early 2010 as I was super busy in my new project)

Concluding with A big thank you to all of you and I would love to be on the blog roll for years to come. I welcome any suggestions/recommendations to improve my blog.

Happy DAXing...

Your's sincerely,

Spotlight: - Dynamics AX Mobile Solutions

I always had this passion for building and using enterprise mobile applications and I thought I would take some time to highlight about a company who specialises in Mobile Development in AX

Here comes, (aka an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) whose focus is to develop enterprise mobility applications with Dynamics AX and other ERP.

Sometime back, I had this opportunity to attend this demo on Time and Materials Management Mobile solution which allows the end user to record project expenses from the mobile device and it integrates with Project module in Dynamics AX, The best part of the solution was the UX (User Experience) and the ease in which you can navigate through the Mobile Device UI, Unlike typical mobile applications, here the buttons on the device are built keeping in mind to capture the inputs in an easy manner.

The Platform

ERP2Mobile Development Platform is an environment for developing or customizing mobile business applications for Windows mobile devices that connects to web-services or ERP-systems like Dynamics AX or SAP

It uses Visual Studio for building ERP apps .

ERP2Mobile can also guide and can provide a migration path for partners using Dynamics Mobile

For more detailed inputs, you can visit or

Friday, May 21, 2010

XSLT Transformation

For one of my integration with AX and an external system, I had to write a nested xslt using for-each to transform one of my xml and this link proved to me a boon in helping me achieve it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

AIF Links...

Troubleshoot AIF

Consuming AIF Web Service is VS 2008

AIF Error Access to Service

Dynamics AX - AIF WebService for AxdSales Order!F2EC589E221A4DB0!133.entry

How to: Call an AIF Web Service from C#

AIF Integration using web services

AIF Find/Read in Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX integration using AIF

Creating Custom Dynamics AX Services

Dynamics AX 2009 AIF - Error Access to Service

Last week, I was involved in creating a custom webservice using AIF (Dynamics AX 2009). Last time when I worked on AIF development, that was with AX 4.0 ,which then had the limitations for update operation and which got resolved in one of the service pack released later.

I created this custom query and then ran the AxD Wizard inorder to generate my custom services. The service got created successfully which I had to consume in my .Net test harness application ( a simple .Net Windows client app to test my service by passing the required parameters). As expected, my first attempt never works without giving me an error ;-), I spent some time digging into this checking in Windows Event Viewer and .Net Stack Trace without any luck. Later on, it striked me to go and check into the Exception raised in AIF in AX.

I navigated to Basic => Periodic => Application Integration Framework => Exceptions and got this error description "The User does not have access to the service" though it was not a proper descriptive one, it gave me some insights where to debug..

I put the breakpoint in the below class AifRequestProcessor (verifyRequestIsAllowed method) and found the actual issue was that the new service created by me does not have a security key assigned to it. Once the Security key was assigned this helped in resolving the error.

Thought posting some AIF links/blogs which might be useful ..

Troubleshoot AIF

Consuming AIF Web Service is VS 2008

AIF Error Access to Service

Dynamics AX - AIF WebService for AxdSales Order!F2EC589E221A4DB0!133.entry

How to: Call an AIF Web Service from C#

AIF Integration using web services

AIF Find/Read in Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX integration using AIF

Creating Custom Dynamics AX Services

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Query on EP Developer Tools

We are setting up DEV Environment for our EP Portal Development on Dynamics AX 2009.

We would be using EP extensively in our project as we are building up some store portals web pages. Currently, our environment topology for DEV is that we have different servers for AOS and EP and Role Centers respectively. We have around 15 developers who would be using their individual machines to build up Enterprise portal pages, these guys have Windows XP running on their local pc’s with Visual Studio.
Hence, we are trying to install the EP Developer tools on their machines but the setup can’t proceed as it expects EP and Role Center to be installed on the same physical machine where we are installing Developer Tools.

Logically, I think it should be only the BC.Net which should be installed on client machines along with the DEV tools as the BC.Net knows which AOS to talk to and thereby EP and Role Centers. But, this is not working.

Can anyone enlighten me if any workaround or any solution/fix is available for this? I would appreciate if you can drop a comment here or mail me on If I find an answer, I will post it back here.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back Up and Restore Userinfo table across AX environments

Usually we come up with the requirement of replicating AX users across  multiple Dynamics AX Environments, These are the following steps which we perform manually inorder to do this task:

But, this can be done in a smarter way with this SQL Script.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dynamics AX 6.0 and Windows Workflow 4.0

Thanks to the blogger for posting this cool link about upcoming version of AX and the new capabilities which it provides with respect to WF 4.0 and .Net stack.

It also has a link to Channel 9 video at the end.