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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Resuming back..

Dear Friends,

I'm signing into my blog after couple of months, had around 290 comments to be moderated! phew! and most of it was spam :(

During these 2 months, I relocated to Melbourne (Australia) and am working on a huge Dynamics AX retail implementation project. The rollout is planned for 800 stores! The project is running on a tight deadline and there are loads of things to learn and work is keeping me full time busy, but that is no excuse for me not to be up to date with my blogs. I will be blogging as and when I take some time from my work. I have some interesting posts, so keep watching this space and thanks again for all your encouragement and support and happy reading!


Anonymous said...

looking forward dilip...for more good articles..

sAJeEr.....ExTension++++ said...

Hi Dilip,

How is AX Retails POS, is this really a satisfying solution.

as Microsoft recently released R2 of the same a lot of changes can be found on the new version.

is the portal only available for store managers to manage and view stores statistics.