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Friday, November 13, 2009

Error in var layer 50109 The check digit read in data is illegal

I came across this weird error as I was refershing a pre-prod evnironment with prod's aod and label files. There was no error at the time of starting of the AOS Service. But, when I imported a Project (.xpo) into the Pre-Prod during the process of import, this error came. See the screenshot below.


Initially, I tried restarting the AOS service, but it didn't help. Soon, without wasting much time and effort, I stopped the service, deleted the axapd.aoi file (this is the index file which AX builds everytime when it starts up, if the file is present it won't build, else it will create a new one.) I guess this file might have some old definitions due to which I was getting this error. After deleting the file and restarting the AOS Service made this error disappear.


Skaue said...

A little tip:
Write out the error on the blogpost, so it's searchable (or Googlable).
Well, at least the part of the error that is "generic".

Too often you get errors you're not sure what means, or how they can be solved. It's great that you share, and I often find answers to strange errors on the web.

Anonymous said...

You won't believe the number of times I've had to delete the AOI because of "corruption". Especially on earlier versions of Axapta with multiple languages (on different AOS's). I do this kind of thing at least once a month [at different clients].

Santosh Ramamurthy said...

Sometime the index file would be corrupted. So the best way is to clear the index file and recreate it. Good one!!!

Dilip said...

Thanks guys for all your comments. Thanks Skaue for the tip, I agree with you a proper error code and description will do a world of good for guys who are stuck, I have reposted with the proper error code and description & Thanks again for reading the blog and all your suggestions are welcome. Happy Blogging :-)

Anonymous said...

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