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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Deploy First Azure Application

Now Let's Deploy this Application to Cloud. Right click on the FirstCloudApp project and select Publish from the context menu

Once the publish process is complete, Visual Studio will open the directory where the service package was created and It will also launch the default browser and navigate to the Azure Services developer portal
Click on the New Project Link and then Click on Hosted Services Project
Give the project a name and click Next
Specify a sub-domain for the app. In this CTP, this is hosted on domain.
Click on Deploy to start Staging
Browse to the path where the package and configuration files were earlier published from Visual Studio. Provide a label for deployment and then click Deploy, This will upload the package and configuration files to Azure Services portal
At this stage, you can click the Run button to start up the virtual instances for each webrole. Once the instances are started, the package i.e assemblies, ASPX pages which we uploaded earlier will be deployed

Now, you can see the status changing from Allocated to Initializing
Now, at this stage both the roles are started.

Now, Click on Sync button to promote the app from Staging to Production
Now, We can see the Production Environment is started and this completes the entire process of deployment. And, voila your application is hosted in the cloud :-), You can browse the website URL.


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