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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No .Net Business Connector Session found in DAX 2009

Recently, when installing EP for DAX 2009, got this error at the end of installtion:

No .Net Business Connector Session found

Solution: Open AX, Go to AOT->Classes->SysDevelopmentProxy and compile it . And again re-try the installation for DAX EP. It solves the problem.


Anonymous said...


When I Compile the SysDevelopmentProxy class I get 2 errors. Message: Errors found in Class SysDevelopmentProxy. 1 is a syntax error in the property "generate" and 1 is Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.BusinessConnector.ProxyGenerator.Pg does not contain this function. Any idea's why this happens??
I have got 3 servers (all 2003 R2 SP2) in test environment: 1 SQL 2005 Sp2 DB, 1 AX server and 1 IIS server + MOSS 2007. The only server where I need to install the .net BC is the webserver I believe. Any suggestions for me??



Dilip said...

Let me know which version of AX you are using. Currently, we have released the RTM Version of AX. Please check Partnersource to install the latest release.

Olof said...

Hi, I got the same error message. The solution for us was to compile the class on a computer that had the Business Connector installed on it.
I hope it helps!