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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What’s New in Dynamics AX 2009 / Dynamics AX 2009 Features






3 new Solution Layers SL1, SL2 and SL3 have replaced DIP, LOS and LOP to enable Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions deployments. DIS Layer renamed to HFX layer which can be used for hotfixes.



New node in AOT named Workflow. It enables to create workflow templates, categories, tasks and approvals.


Business Connector

COM Business Connector no longer supported in future release although a command-line interface is still there for installing the same.


Best Practices check

New Best practice checks have been updated for Dynamics AX 2009


VCS Integration

Integration with more VCMS systems. New features for TFS Integration


XML Documentation

XML Documentation can be written in X++ source code to document classes, tables and table methods and this can be extracted from the source code to create an XML Documentation file.


Enterprise Portal

A new framework for Enterprise portal wherein controls for EP can be developed using VS IDE


Reporting Tools

Integration with Visual Studio IDE to develop and deploy reports. Reporting projects created in VS IDE can be packaged and added to AOD


Reverse Engineering Tool

Supports new model type to generate .erx files that can be used to create an ER data model.


Navigation Pages

Includes primary list page, secondary list page, content page and area page to view data records and open forms.


Queries and Views

AOT Query object enables construction of query that represents union of two or more existing datasources. AOT View object enables to use query as datasource


TimeZone Support

Timezone support and new datatype utcdatetime


Composite Query

Composite queries uses another query as it's datasource and helps in reusing code and objects.


Cross Company Support

A cross company query can return data for several companies in a single run. Central to this functionality is the new X++ keyword crossCompany, and the new property AllowCrossCompany on Query objects in the AOT.


X++ SQL Enhancements

SQL statements in X++ have been enhanced to bring them closer to the functionality of industry standard SQL. It includes better support for inner and outer join clauses, better group by and order by clauses, and better support or using variables as a source of data to be inserted or updated.


CLR Interop Enhancements

ByRef keyword for out or ref parameters, .NET Framework array and Enum Support


Debug Batch Jobs on Server

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, the default is for each batch job to run on the Application Object Server (AOS). Yet the developer might want to debug the batch from his client computer. The utility AxDebug.exe can now do this.


AT.exe for updating Cross References

The Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler interface (or AT.exe) can be used to run a cross-reference update beginning in the late evening, so it completes before morning


E-Signature support

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 does not provide a complete system for the capture and processing of electronic signatures. But it does provide a kernel event and an editable event method. These can be the foundation for an electronic signature subsystem to be developed by partners



CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) operations supported, AIF Framework enables developers to expose X++ business logic as WCF services, ASMX webservices replaced with WCF Services, consume web services


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